We conduct official RMV Road Test exams on Saturday or Sunday at our Office location.

Off Hour /Alternative Road Test Policy (Any road test not conducted at the RMV location but is conducted at Richways Auto school location which includes weekends and weekdays.)


  • Richways Auto school charges $150 for off hour road test ( NOT inclusive of your RMV related license fee.)
  • Please understand that scheduling a weekend road test or an Alternative-hour Road Test means that you are committing to the booked date/day assigned by the RMV that cannot be cancelled.
  • Both Cancelling and not making up ("NO Show") for a off-hour road test which has been confirmed by the RMV, Richways Auto school will charge you a non- refundable fee of $40 for inconveniences.
  • Both failing and not making for your off-hour road test ("No Show") the RMV will charge you $35.


  • Our Certified driving instructor as your sponsor
  • Use of our excellent condition, RMV-approved car

Not included: RMV licensing fees which must be paid by you directly to the RMV regardless of where you take your exam statewide. (One-time $50 license processing fee, plus $35 "appointment fee" for each time the road test is taken = $85 total for most applicants)

  • Saturday road tests are open to both our students and non students.
  • N/B. You can not Schedule two road Test at the same time. if you have already booked your self for a road test and you want to book with us that means you have to cancel that appointment before we book you otherwise RMV will not accept your application with us.

For more information please call us on 508-459-1331

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