Time to get independent! Time to drive yourself!
At Richways Auto School, we teach you how to drive for life. We teach fundamentals of driving that will be applicable for the rest of your life, instruct the right ways to drive and transform you to become a safe driver for yourself and for other motorist.
We have experienced teachers who have taught for over 10 years, with great results.

When you train with Richways Auto School, you have the best team working for you and you greatly increase your chances of passing your roadtest. From classroom training, observation, and to on-road training. We are one stop shop for all your drivers education.


Our Specialities

Weekend Road Test

We conduct approved RMV road test at our school location every weekend .Please Contact our office for more details or to register for the next roadtest.

Unlimited Car Support

Our new low mileage cars are well maintained and come equipt with safety gadgets. This enables our students to have easy first hand experience.

We Pick You Up From Home

We pick up from your home, School, office/work place or any location for your driving lesson

Meet the Teachers